We didn't think the calculator
mattered either.

We didn't think the calculator
mattered either.

Until we learned
that 100% of
small businesses
depend on it.

Calculator is the
backbone of small

Every Smart or a feature phone comes with a
calculator app, but still, small businesses use a
physical calculator. Why?

Because it’s simple!

Because they know how to use it!

And it works!

  • Before every sale- they calculate.
  • Before every expense- they calculate.
  • End of the day- they calculate.
  • End of the month- they calculate.

But why can't the calculator record
sales or expenses and tell them how
much money the shop made?

So that's
what we did

We added two buttons on top of a normal calculator.

Calculate. Record. Sync.

It's simple

Your shop earns ₹5 lakhs every month, but even though you spend an hour every day and 30 hours each month on accounting, you don’t have clear records of how much you sell, spend, or who you pay.

Tohands Smart Calculators can fix this by quickly recording all your sales and expenses in just one click. This can save you a lot of money each month because you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

With each version,
we made it better.

Version 1

Upon recognizing the challenges faced by shopkeepers in accurately tracking their financial transactions, we were inspired to develop a hardware solution that would enable them to record income and expenses effortlessly with a single button click. This led to the creation of Tohands V1, our initial prototype that transformed the concept into a tangible reality. As a trio of young innovators, we explored ways to seamlessly integrate cash inflows and outflows into a hardware device. Just three young guys making an idea usable and something concrete. We took a box, did some wiring inside, and did some coding. And there you have it, presenting Tohands Version 1.

Version 2

Once V1 was doing what we wanted, we thought about making our device look good. The big question was how it should look so that people find it familiar and easy to use. We noticed that everyone uses calculators, and guess what, they haven't changed much over the years. While everything else was getting smart, we wondered why not our good old calculators? After checking if it could work, we mixed our special features with a calculator and created Tohands Version 2. With just two extra buttons – Cash-in and Cash-out – we turned a regular calculator into a smart one that could track sales and expenses. This idea got us our first 10 pre-orders. Ah, those were the good old days!

Version 3

Meet V3, our ingenious creation known as the smart calculator. Born after extensive research and a deep understanding of the issues faced by shopkeepers and the features they desired, V3 emerged as the world's first smart calculator. This device goes beyond the basics – it connects to the internet, records your sales and expenses, and provides insights down to the last paisa. V3 became Tohands' first market-ready prototype, generating immense excitement among customers. Its popularity extended beyond India, reaching neighboring countries, with over 50,000 transactions currently being recorded. The invaluable feedback from users fueled our creativity, paving the way for our most advanced creation yet – the Tohands Smart Calculator V4.


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