We didn't think the calculator mattered either.

Until we learned that 100% of small businesses depend on.

Calculator is the backbone of small businesses.

Every Smart or feature phone comes with a calculator app, but still, small businesses use a physical calculator. Why? 

Because it’s simple! Because they know how to use it! and it works.

Before every sale- they calculate. 
Before every expense- they calculate.
End of the day- they calculate.
End of the month- they calculate. 

But why can't the calculator record sales or expenses and tell me how much money the shop made?

So that's what we did.

We added two buttons on top of a normal calculator.

Cash In – to record sales.
Cash Out – to record expenses. 

Calculate. Record. Sync.

All the data get saved in the calculator’s memory card and synced with our mobile app, using Wifi or Bluetooth.

Open Tohands app end of the day, and see all the income, and expenses at your shop. Simple.

It's simple.

Your shop makes ₹5 lakhs per month, and you spend 1hr per day doing accounts, 30hr in a month, and still, you don’t have clear data of total sales, expenses, and who you paid to.

At that time, this ₹2999 smart calculator, enables you to record all your sales and expense in 1 click and can help you save ₹5000 within a month that you might know that you lost because you did not keep a tab on bookkeeping. 

It’s simple.

With each version, we made it better.